About Snowball

What is Snowball (ex-Snowflake)?: Snowball is an Inria Associate Team joining the ORPAILLEUR team at Inria Nancy and the Shah Lab at Stanford University.

Snowflake was the name of the Associate Team, during its first three-years life (2014-16).

What goal?: The aim of Snowball is to study drug response variability through the lens of  Electronic Health Records (EHRs) data.

Why? Because we know that many factors (genetic as environmental) cause people to respond differently to a same drug, and because we think that we can learn much more about response variability from EHRs.

Scientific objectives of Snowball are:

  1. Identifying groups of patients reacting differently to similar treatments, in EHR repository
  2. Characterising these groups with features available in EHRs
  3. Predicting patient drug sensitivity

Objective of the Snowball Associate Team are complementary to those of the PractiKPharma ANR project.