ORPAILLEUR team, Inria Nancy – Grand Est, Nancy, France

  • Adrien Coulet, Assistant Professor, University of Lorraine – Principal Investigator
  • Amedeo Napoli, CNRS.
  • Gabin Personeni, PhD Student, University of Lorraine.
  • Joël Legrand, Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Lille and Magnet Inria team, Nancy, France
  • Nicolas Jay, Professor, University of Lorraine and Nancy University Hospital
  • Pierre Monnin, PhD Student, University of Lorraine, Nancy, France

Stanford Center for Biomedical Informatics Research (BMIR), Stanford University, California

  • Nigam Shah, Professor, Stanford – Principal Investigator
  • Alison Callahan, Research Scientist, Stanford
  • Michel Dumontier, Distinguished Professor, formerly at Stanford, now at Maastricht University.
  • Stefen Pfohl, PhD Student, Stanford